The Risks of Excessive Physical Activity

The Risks of Excessive Physical Activity

When it comes to staying physically active, it’s quite tempting to go overboard, especially if you are the type who goes to the gym or plays a sport every day of the week. But too much physical activity can be hazardous to your health and lead to injury, especially if you play contact sports like rugby or ice hockey or participate in dangerous activities like mountain climbing.

Athletes often put their bodies on the line, or at least in danger of injury. They risk damage to their nervous system, ligaments, muscles bones and even internal organs if they’re not careful, which is why it’s so important to take things slow and listen to your body. Risks occur when you push yourself too hard, but what exactly are the risks?


Overuse injuries happen when you engage in an activity regularly and you hit some kind of fatigue point. Common examples are tennis elbow, tendinitis, runner’s knee, and shin splints. Overuse is the main reason why many professional athletes are forced to retire, with bodybuilding being notorious for it. Bodybuilding puts immense pressure and stress on the joints, which eventually wears them down to the point where they can’t handle the stress anymore. Similarly, swimmers often experience issues with their shoulders as they get older, with the joints becoming stiff over time. The key to reducing the impact of overuse might lie in rest and recovery. Athletes may greatly benefit from visiting a surrey hills physiotherapy centre, or one closer to them for physical treatment. This eases the pressure put on the bones, joints, and muscles. But to truly minimize the damage they endure due to overuse, they need to maintain a balance between exercise and recovery.


As part of maintaining physical health, exercise is highly recommended. Doing sports can help you gain a healthy life and feel good about yourself. However, some people can actually become addicted to physical activity. Exercise releases endorphins, otherwise known as the happy hormone. Whilst this feeling is often referred to as a runner’s high, any physical activity, such as tennis or a hike, can release endorphins. For obvious reasons, endorphins are addictive, so some people will go to any length to keep the feeling going. This is why some people are constantly in the gym, trying to get their next endorphin high. Unfortunately, this creates a toxic mentality around exercise, causing severe anxiety and withdrawal when physical activity can’t be completed.


Physical activity, especially excessive exercise, burns calories faster than you can consume them. Your body needs calories to keep going, using them as the energy to function. When you have a calorie deficit, your body will start to run out of energy, making you tired and sluggish. Excessive activity also means your body is constantly trying to repair itself, which takes a huge amount of energy. If you’re exercising too much, you’re probably not getting enough sleep either, which only makes the problem worse. We all know about Pheidippide’s famous first marathon from school – we also know his run killed him, showing just how important rest is. This makes it all the more crucial to recognize the importance of moderation when pursuing physical fitness goals. Excessive physical activity can potentially lead to more harm than good in the long run. That being said, if you’re already feeling overwhelmed by your fitness routine and worry that you may have pushed too hard, it’s time to take a step back and unwind from your regular schedule. There are various ways to achieve this — you can explore cannabis products such as those at to help you relax and find relief from the physical strain. Alternatively, you can consider meditating or trying Yoga. Focus on eating nutritious food three meals a day and get as much sleep as you can!

Fertility Issues

Exercise is considered good for fertility levels, helping to improve sperm production and regulate ovulation. In fact, women who exercise regularly often experience more manageable periods and experience fewer miscarriages, whilst men will see a boost in their testosterone levels. Unfortunately, too much exercise has the opposite effect. For men, more energy will be placed into repairing muscles than producing sperm. Men may also want to avoid compression wear, with testicles requiring a temperature around 2 degrees Celsius lower than the rest of the body for optimum production. Achieving the right equilibrium in exercise is crucial for maintaining healthy testosterone levels. If you find yourself grappling with low testosterone or other hormonal imbalances, seeking expert guidance from a wellness clinic in Aledo, TX or a similar medical facility in your area versed in testosterone replacement therapy can be an invaluable step toward achieving holistic well-being. For women, exercise heavily impacts progesterone levels, which can interfere with egg production and fertilisation.


Fitness is good for you, but sports can also be a cause of insomnia. Whilst regular, safe levels of exercise mean you’re more likely to sleep soundly, excessive activity or doing exercise too close to bedtime can sometimes interrupt your body’s natural rhythm. Of course, lack of sleep can then throw off your workout regime, which may then lead you to exercise even more to make up for it. To prevent this from happening, stop all physical activity at least 2-3 hours before bed. Exercise floods your brain with endorphins which act like caffeine, creating stimulation that is hard to fight. Instead, do something calming, like reading a book or drawing. On those really bad nights, perhaps a spot of cannabis from wccannabis or a similar dispensary could also do the trick. It could also relax your muscles after a day of strenuous exercise. However, consult with your doctor first, just in case.

Sports have a lot of benefits to our body, but if we overdo them, there is a risk too that we can get. It is much better if we do sports at the right training level and don’t do it too much.

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