What kind of guy doesn’t love a good game of football? Or some good sports, a weekend with the boys, hanging out with some beers long into the night? That’s the kind of time I live for. That, or getting into the games first hand, standing there with the crowds to cheer on our team in the stadium. Sports brings a joy no other can bring, and whilst for the longest time I was a passive engager with the subject, over time I chose to change things up and begin to engage with it. I may not have a great throwing arm, but I can run. And run I did. I trained myself for marathons, using game days as a welcome break from the arduous regimen but aiming for those goals of finishing those races. I participated in a lot of runs across the states before the world locked up from illness, and once things are back to normal I plan to start again. My name is Lance Maddison. Sports is my life, fitness a passion found later, and the world has currently taken both away from me. In the future, though, I hope to see these things return, and in the meantime, I will blog about various things I’ve learned along the way to keep my mind sharp. The fitness will need to be worked on again, and though I am in my 50’s I am confident I can return to form.