Exercises To Keep Our Hearts Healthy

Exercises To Keep Our Hearts Healthy

The heart is a muscular organ that is about the size of our fist. A healthy beating heart keeps us alive and moving. The more active we are, the stronger and healthier our hearts can function.

It’s not easy when it comes to motivating ourselves to choose a healthier lifestyle that involves exercising and healthy eating. However, it’s not difficult at all to try! Yes, it’s going to be challenging to make the right decisions every day. Whether it’s finding the right type of workout routine or prepping nutritious meals. With the right mindset and motivation, nothing is impossible.

Luckily, we don’t have to train like an Olympic athlete in order to achieve a healthy body. It’s never too late to start a fitness journey. In this article, I will be sharing about the benefits of exercising, types of exercises, and also about how much exercises can a person do.

Benefits of Working Out

Did you know that people that don’t exercise are more prone to get heart disease?

People with a healthy active lifestyle has a lower risk of getting heart disease.

Here’s why:

Regular exercise can help burn off calories and lower blood pressure. Other than that, it can also reduce bad cholesterol and boost good cholesterol. Moreover, reducing bad cholesterol lowers your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, it can lessen your chances of visiting heart doctors frequently.

But what is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol? And how do they impact your health so much? Lipoproteins is bad cholesterol, which is made of fat and proteins. Our bloodstreams take cholesterol to our arteries. When there is too much cholesterol being collected on the walls of our arteries, it increases the risk of a blood clot. It can be fatal. High-density lipoprotein is good cholesterol. Blood streams transport cholesterol to the liver so that it can get rid of it from our body.

Now that we understand a little more about the body, let’s dive into the types of exercises that can help keep our hearts healthy.

Types of Exercise

Personally, I would suggest doing a little research on different types of workouts. I find going to a gym intimidating, so I made myself a fitness plan. My workout routine includes yoga and fast pace walking every day. I have mild scoliosis, and while visiting a chiropractor can do wonders to help ease my pain, I want to include my own fitness goals to improve my back posture as well. Hence, I chose yoga. Additionally, I might look into some furniture that can help me improve my sitting posture.

Bad sitting posture can be one of the leading reasons today for people to develop back pain since they may spend 8-10 hours in the office, sitting in front of their computers and laptops. Hence, investing in a quality high-back office chair can be necessary, for which, one can explore office furniture online.

Moreover, if you have any health conditions, ask your doctor for some exercise recommendations. From then, you’ll be able to have a guide and create your own fitness plan that suits you personally. Here are some ideas for your reference:

Cardio: Running and cycling is a great way to boost your cardio. Swimming and pace walking are ways to begin cardio training slow and steadily. Cardio workout makes the heart beat faster and makes you breathe harder. This is a good way to exercise your heart.

Stretching: Our muscles get more flexible when we stretch regularly. It’s a good way to keep our body flexible and strong. When we stretch, our muscles tear and heal, making it stronger and stronger. Research has proven that practicing yoga can make us more flexible and strong.

Light weight lifting: Small kettle bells have a good amount of weight. Resistance bans are great for training our muscles too. It can also be used for different parts of the body. There’s many ways to train with resistance bans and I recommend it.

Building a healthy body isn’t just about working out, it’s also important to eat healthy and to get enough rest. It’s all about finding our own balance. It’s okay to do different exercises. As long as you’re having fun while doing it, that’s all it matters!